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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

More Paddles

Its very satisfying making paddles.  I have 4 spruce with ash on the go, 2 -6" Beavertails, small Voyageur  and a Cree style paddle. I may just do some decorative paint on the Cree. 

I also have 3 all yellow cedar paddles, a modified Cree Style, small Voyageur and a 6" Beaver tail.  All of the yellow cedar paddles have yellow cedar burl.

Tomorrow i am going to make up a paddle and use some Deer antler for the grip, we shall see how that turns out?

The photo above are from left to right
2-6" beavertails spruce with ash
cree style spruce with ash
6" beavertail all yellow cedar
all yellow cedar modified cree
all yellow cedar small voyageur
spruce with ash small voyageur
yellow cedar algonquin with deer antler grip
Yellow cedar burl

3 coats of varnish and they are done!!!

1 comment:

Murat said...

Looking forward to seeing your paddle creations. Let us know how the deer antler turns out on the grip.